17th March 2018 2018/03/17
Kingshouse Glencoe Argyll, Scotland
Open event and Minis Please see entry form and Bulletin below: Entry Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12syrjfF_UyH09sQpgEbOZqsj5eANnb67LkqcXDde2v8/viewform Bulletin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1b82vbfOhGTjQp6fmXSIVd2HYh0u2w3jv Please email: glencoeskiclub.racing@gmail.com if you have any queries. Glencoe Open Slalom
Weather forecast: Please check MWIS, BBC or Met Office

Current Weather conditions: Sunny

Road status:Roads and carpark clear    Temperature: 19.2

Wind: 2mph    Wind Direction: N
Lifts Operating:1 of 8 Available Uplifts.

Lifts Opening:0 of 8 Available Uplifts.

Runs Open:Access Chairlift open daily. Summer tubing open weekends and holidays. Black bike track reopens (weekends only) on the 2nd June. Red track remains closed for now.

Glencoe Mountain Resort